Tough on Crime

In Florida, there has been a culture maintained for the past 25 years, a culture that has been driven by the "Tough on Crime" policy. A policy that was meant to stop the victimization of our society.

In Florida, there has been a culture maintained for the past 25 years, a culture that has been driven by the "Tough on Crime" policy. A policy that was meant to stop the victimization of our society. Meant to bring a solution to the drug epidemic in our neighborhoods, to the preying on of our children, to the stealing of our identities, to the murdering of our loved ones. A solution that would deter others from partaking in crime and the devastating effect that it has had on our world.

"Tough on Crime" would mean the victims and their loved ones would have justice and see those who hurt them pay for victimizing them. Politicians, state attorneys, judges, and sheriffs would ensure that this new approach is the right course to take in ridding our world of this epidemic. A new approach that is no longer new and now stands to question, whether it works toward our betterment... or toward our detriment.

One may ask, "How can 'Tough on Crime' work toward our detriment?" Why would we question those who are experts in the field of criminal justice? Should they not know bestafter all, are they not the ones responsible to safeguard us in the first place? If we cannot trust them, then who can we trust?" Questions have only been asked as a passing thought or a fading newspaper article, yet never definitively answered.

Society-First believes that we can only trust the truth, and no matter how difficult the "pill is to swallow" we are to accept it. It is herein that we will find the solution. Our society was always meant to be responsible for its success, after all, this is part of what made our country the greatest country in the world. We must look beneath the surface of the "Tough on Crime" policy to fully see the truth of its success.

At first glance, we see a world that just wants those who hurt them to be taken off the streets and many do not care if they ever get out. Those whose job it was to ensure punishment was dealt out, would strip the prison system down to where it had only pain and sorrow as a returning investment. Many say these predators of society get what they deserve, for they did not care about the pain and sorrow that they caused.

So out came the ax, and down the trees began to fall as the immense cost of having such an unforgiving policy would call for new ways to save money. Years of past legislation and FDC leaders slowly stripped everything away to compensate for the billions of dollars it takes to feed this massive incarceration machine. Trees like FDC drug programs, re-entry programs, vocational trades, and education became expendable, as they held little importance to the majority of those in prison... as Tough on Crime gave little chance for a second chance.

These "lumberjacks" proclaimed their loyalty to stopping the victimization of our society and in return, society proclaimed their loyalty to them. Many elected officials capitalized on this fear by promising to be Tough on Crime, yet the untold secret is that we have been paying to be victimized over and over again as our criminal justice system produces far worse citizens than it received... Motive?

Why would anyone want a system that produces far worse citizens, citizens that will almost surely re-offend? Why would anyone want a system that sets up offenders for failure?Surely, they know a system that sets up an offender to fail, ultimately, sets up society to fail.Sets up society to be victimized by releasing an offender who will commit new and many times, worst crimes.

Motive? Why would a system purposely release someone with only 50 dollars and one set of clothes to call a Mcdonald's sidewalk "home"... Why would a system knowingly release an offender who has only had years of idle time in a land controlled by gangs, violence, and drugs as a life-coach... Why would it knowingly remove all educational or vocational programs when it is proven to bring change to an offender?!

A system that simply tells these so-called redeemed citizens "good luck" and sends them out into our world, is a system that operates off of the belief that "luck is truly the residue of design". Why would anyone want such evil to walk our streets? Why would anyone want to create worse people in a world that already has far too many? Why would anyone set others up to fail.. to victimize again? The answer rests within the simplicity of "Motive", the simplicity of who benefits from the victimization of our society.

The untold truth is that the very powers that swore to protect our society is behind our society's continual victimization. Here are those in power that do not know this cancer exists as they have thought that locking up our problems solved all our problems. Yet some are very aware of this self-inflicting wound and have banked on the "gangrene" effect to spread the repetitive cycle of society's victimization.

Who benefits? Who benefits from the continuing growth of mass incarceration? Who has a self-interest in its success? Who are the shareholders of all of the companies that are connected to the criminal justice system? Who knows which companies supply construction, vendors, and the many other service suppliers to this massive reproducing system? Who even knows which companies hold the contracts?

Certainly, it is not the regular taxpaying citizen, so who is it? Who benefits from such a self-serving system? A system that is paid for by the regular taxpaying citizen, yet they are not the ones reaping the interest from their investment. So who is? Who makes the rules for this massive system? Who enforces those rules? Who gives a maximum number of years of imprisonment? Who makes the laws that, almost guarantee a released offender's failure...guaranteeing re-entry into the system?

Dare we bring common sense to the equation? Dare we show just how these beneficiaries have manipulated for their gain? Dare we reveal how society has been tricked to believe they were saving us from our fears? Dare we suggest just how the powers have deflected our attention away from the truth, by pointing to what we fear most? By pointing to the lie of being Tough on Crime, knowing that our fear of being victimized again would give them carte blanche. Remove the hood from these faces and you will see some of the loudest voices behind the unforgiving Tough on Crime policy.

Tough on Crime has filled their pockets while emptying ours and that has to change. It has been the biggest lie told to the People of Florida and it is time we stop being puppets for those who have used our fears for their gain. It is time we become accountable for our investments and begin to fix those who are broken. What better way to make our world abetter place, than to make our worst become our best?

Here at Society-First, seek to stop the repetitive cycle that has been at the root of many of our problems. A cycle that has promulgated a culture of criminality and has crippled our communities through broken homes, educational digression, and infinite payment of our tax dollars. We seek to be a platform that advocates for truth and reform... for healing of the gaping wound left by mass incarceration.

More Problems



In today's prison system, there is an epidemic that has amassed a very destructive force, and one would be sadly mistaken to shrug it off as being inconsequential to the world outside of prison. We must not turn a blind eye to the fact that the realities in prison will one day become realities outside of prison.



In general, the effects of drugs are at the center of almost every sad story, but in the world of prison, they can give a defining end to those stories. Being incarcerated presents the perfect isolation to impact those in society who for many diverse reasons have turned to the numbing effects of drugs and alcohol.



In today's prison system, suicide is one of the saddest realities that our world has to offer. The amount of pain, loneliness, and sorrow that can compel someone to take their own life is something that a human being should not ever have to know.