Bronson and Pamela Bozeman

Directors of Marketing

Bronson and Pamela Bozeman are Society-First's Directors of Marketing, and became instant pieces to Society-First upon hearing its vision for both penological and sociological reformation.

They own and manage a gym in Saint Petersburg, FL where they also have a home and raise an adorable baby boy. Bronson as a returning citizen himself knows firsthand the importance of redemptive opportunity being given within the criminal justice system.

He was incarcerated for 12 years, and knows what it is like to come out of the system and successfully move into the role of community leader, mentor, advocate, business owner, and father. He found success and developed great communication and mentoring skills through thousands of hours of teaching and volunteering.

In the midst of all of this Bronson has never forgotten the men he left behind inside of Florida's prisons, and with the support of his beautiful wife Pamela, has become instrumental in Society-First's mission to ensure that every member of society has a chance at redemption.