Joshua Alvarez-Brown

Board of Directors

Joshua Alvarez-Brown is one of Society-First's Board of Directors and has been there to watch the birth of Society-First from the beginning while being incarcerated with Mr. Rhiner.

Coming into the system himself at a young age facing a possible Life sentence, eventually receiving a 10 plea bargain Mr. Alvarez-Brown became passionate about  the lives of the incarcerated, and prior to leaving prison he promised his brother that he would help develop SF anyway he could.

Upon release Josh immediately got involved and kept his word to not only Mr. Rhiner but also to all of the men he left behind. He also became a Youth Director and Worship Minister at Multicultural Family Church in Bloomingdale’s, Florida. He became an ordained minister who ministers to inmates at various Florida prisons.

Having been incarcerated himself, Joshua spends his time giving back to society in a multitude of ways. Pouring into the next generation and preparing and equipping incarcerated men to successfully re-enter society are two of his favorite things to do!

He has successfully re-entered society to become a husband, father, pastor, advocate, home owner, and community leader who has helped spearhead the vision and creation of Society-First to where it is today.