Denise Caffo


Denise Caffo is co-founder of Society-First, and is passionate about identifying and implementing social and criminal justice reform that puts society first in all its considerations. Of course, this does not mean that the incarcerated come last, in fact, it's just the opposite as SF was built off of the belief that a society is best gauged by how it impacts its worst.

Ms. Caffo co-founded Society-First in 2019 with Alfred Rhiner when it was evident that Florida was not interested in reforming one of the worst criminal justice systems in the United States. It became abundantly clear that the majority of Florida's policy makers did not care or understand that society was being victimized by the penological failures that cultivated criminality in those being released back out into society to only victimize society all over again.

The year 2022 was the beginning of Society-First stepping out, and it aggressively pushes the abolishment of Life Without Parole sentencing and bringing a restorative criminal justice system to Florida that will heal and restore, rather than destroy.

Ms. Caffo is a staunch advocate for bringing a true restorative justice system to Florida. She is a revenue cycle medical manager & behavioral health credentialing manager, who is well versed in implementing enhancements in software to update collection modules. She has years of interpersonal communication, which are demonstrated through the ability to successfully interact with patients, physicians and co-workers at all levels.

She has exceptional organizational skills paired with a strong work ethic, multi tasking and decision making capabilities. She is committed to excellence in all areas while utilizing a broad knowledge of office management principles including: Accounts Payable, accounts receivable, EMR, Medical Records, HIPAA, office policies and procedures, physician and staff supervision, HR and payroll, Quickbooks, Excel spreadsheets, financial reporting, licensing & insurance requirements.

Denise has been indelible in the birth and development of Society-First, and has utilized her experience to help breathe life into the vision and purpose of Society-First.