Alfred Rhiner

Visionary and Co-Founder

* Alfred Rhiner is Society-First's visionary and co-founder; we greatly anticipate the day he is in different blues…  The enclosed photo was generated by an AI photoshop program as we wanted to visualize what Alfred would look like if given the redemptive opportunity he fights so hard  for.

Alfred Rhiner, visionary and co-founder of Society-First, over a quarter of a century ago, Mr. Rhiner was 18 years old when after a series of life events he found himself in prison with a Natural Life sentence.

The next 10 years he would search for the controlling factor of him losing control of his life. This introspective journey took him through years of mental health counseling, which led to him journaling everything he could remember about his life; ultimately leading to him writing his autobiography "Evolution of Innocence," (unpublished).

In the dark confines of prison where many grown men would drown in the despair of it all,  Mr. Rhiner found purpose. He sought out self-betterment with a god-given tenacity that enabled him to create many programs, put on life impacting theatrical plays, and draw up schematics that would enhance entire prisons and prison systems.

His unwavering commitment to embody the change he desired allowed him to believe in his potential beyond the darkest chapter of his life. Despite being a teenager sentenced to die in prison, he remained steadfast in his conviction that he could make a meaningful impact on a world that appeared to have abandoned him.

At the end of 2018, he realized that there was a disconnect with most in how to truly bring a transforming reformation to the criminalization of society. His years of growing into a man surrounded by the criminally minded granted him the uncanny ability to see how to impact not only them, but society as a whole.

Through thousands of hours Mr. Rhiner would sit on his prison bunk and type out every piece of the Society-First vision on his prison tablet that the FDC gave him. After edit upon edit he would send it all through the JPay email system to co-founder Denise Caffo (who would spend an endless amount of time building his vision).

Since the inception of SF there have been so many who have embraced the vision of Society-First, and at the core of it are those who believe in the man… the leader that Alfred Rhiner has become.