Joan Lewis

Director of Event Management

Joan Lewis is the Director of Event Management for Society-First, and is the longtime owner and operator of Empact Ent Corp and  Master Event Group llc Event Planner, and has an AA degree in Business Management.

Joan was raised in West Tampa, FL and has been actively involved in both the professional and civic community through the Tampa Organization of Black Cultural Affairs. She has successfully organized a litany of both church and social events, and has a heart for the special interest of underprivileged Children. Joan believes it is essential to reach our children early and to advocate for enhancing their literacy education and providing them with new life skills that they can take with them through life.

She has been indelible in a host of events planned and executed by Society-First since our January 2022 inaugural conference, and her tireless dedication to the success of Society-First has taken her through hundreds of hours of networking with the men and women who are incarcerated. She has found a place that resonates with her life's journey inside the frontline organizing Society-First's events, and looks forward to the next beacon of hope that each event has represented.