Michael Lynott


Mick Lynott is currently a Bachelor’s student at Florida International University majoring in Graphic Design. He has past experience in athletics and played Division 1 basketball for two years before deciding to put his energy into intellectual pursuits.

He is  a skilled videographer, an adept writer, and a proficient speaker. He along with Miguel Campbel founded the "Lyfe After" Podcast. Miguel and Mick bring a well balanced alignment and knowledge to each and every episode of Lyfe After.

While Mick brings the outside looking in perspective, Miguel Campbell, brings an inside looking out perspective that our world does not often grasp the effects our  prison system has on the lives of the incarcerated and families.    

The Lyfe After Podcast gives a voice to those who have been through trials, trauma, and tribulations… Voice To those who lack a platform to tell the story of how they overcame adversity to find success in the journey of life.