Carl Jamal "CJ" Rumsey

Director of Community Outreach

Carl Jamal "CJ" Rumsey is the Director of Community Outreach for Society-First, and has committed his life to bringing hope to the lost, broken, and underprivileged. His passion as an urban missionary has been driven from his own experience, testimony, and love of Jesus Christ. Carl Jamal was raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he faced many challenges in his youth as his mother struggled with addiction and his father was nowhere to be found. Despite these obstacles, Carl Jamal found hope and inspiration in music, channeling his faith and creativity into a pathway toward a brighter future.

After relocating to Atlanta over ten years ago, Carl Jamal dedicated his life to community outreach and charitable work, which led to him becoming the Executive Director of Maverick City Initiative for five years.

Carl Jamal has become a respected local leader and volunteer throughout the nation. His passion for hip hop music inspired his life's work in prison rehabilitation, and youth outreach where he teaches prisoners and at-risk teens the art and technical know-how of music production, writing, and engineering.

Carl Jamal’s unique approach to education and ministry helped him pioneer a new way to reach and connect with marginalized people. His workshops and events encourage people to unleash their creativity through music and art as a means of self-expression and empowerment.

Despite the many setbacks and obstacles Carl Jamal encountered in his upbringing, he has persevered with honor, skill, and commitment. He now shares his wisdom, his love of hip hop, and life skills with others, continuing his journey of empowerment and positivity in the world.