Ira McPherson

Director of Production

Ira McPherson is Society-First's Director of Production, in 1994 Ira was tried and convicted of first-degree felony murder. Although Ira was not the trigger man, he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in the Florida Department of Corrections.

While incarcerated Ira gave his life to God and consistently stayed in positive motivating programs. He became a GED teacher and a prison law clerk. After serving 23 years his case was reversed, he went back to court and was re-sentenced to 25 years.

After being released from prison, Ira started doing motivational speaking, bringing awareness to the conditions of the Department of Corrections, and the need to end mass incarceration, and to give redemptive opportunity to those who have sought it out.

Ira currently is a foreman in the HVAC field, and has a son and five beautiful grandchildren. Ira‘s dedication to Society First is because of his love and commitment to those who he left behind that have no hope or voice to fight for themselves in attempting to gain their freedoms.