Louis L. Reed

Chief Strategy Officer

Louis L. Reed is a social impact leader and criminal justice reform expert. He is currently an EVP and National Director. He has experience in government, criminal justice expertise, policy advocacy, public health, and personal impact, serving nearly 14 years in federal prison and several years on supervision. 

Louis is a board-certified addictions counselor and licensed alcohol & addictions practitioner. Prior to joining Jay Z's REFORM Alliance as a senior executive, Louis was the Director of National Organizing & Partnerships for Dream Corps JUSTICE (formerly #cut50), where he grew the nation’s largest bi-partisan grassroots advocacy and organizing coalition through the Empathy Network. 

Louis’s experience in government includes conceptualizing and serving as Director of the Mayor’s Office for Reentry Affairs in the City of Bridgeport, CT. There, he led services for all persons impacted by the criminal justice system both in and returning to the City after incarceration. 

His policy reform experience includes leading advocacy for the historic First Step Act, and working with the Connecticut legislature for the successful enactment of legislation related to expanding access to licenses for people living with criminal records, limiting asset forfeiture practices by law enforcement, and strengthening reentry practices and services for people returning from prison. 

Louis is a Council of Criminal Justice trustee, Forbes Coaches Council Member, Huffington Post contributor on Prison Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has appeared on CNN, CBSN, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and in national publications. Louis has received many awards recognizing his work and leadership, including recognition by The Brigadoon’s 2020 top 20 influential leaders, and a 2021 Ebony Magazine Power 100 nomination. 

Louis was a consulting producer on Hulu's UnPrisoned series, is featured in Amazon's First Step documentary, and lives in Connecticut. He consults in strategic partnerships, organizing and is a guest commentator on the Law & Crime Network