Thavish Davis and Jalen Walker


Thavish Davis and Jalen Walker are both hosts of Society-First's "Last Word Podcast" podcast.

Mr Davis's passion for criminal justice and constitutional advocacy stems from his childhood looking up to advocates like Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Huey P. Newton.

In the midst of a two year prison sentence, a fire was set ablaze in his soul to stand for those who lacked guidance to see the silver lining in life and those who lacked the knowledge to succeed in life after incarceration.

Mr. Walker met Thavish through Society-First's Director of Urban  Development Jarvis Washington back in 2020 during a calibration event. Jalen and Thavish shared common interest, political views and a drive to connect with the people, ultimately, leading to the creation of the TD9 podcast.

They began their journey in podcasting with the TD9 news page and YouTube channel where they interviewed a wide range of guests from business owners, political figures, activists, musicians, and more.  

Society-First having an extensive understanding of the legal system with the know-how and tenacity to not only call out problems within the present system, but offer legitimate solutions such as its Roadmap to Restoration.